1. Game, Set, Match!

    At GVTA we believe in learning through play. When children are busy having fun, learning becomes natural and easy. Hand-eye coordination is the foundation for striking the tennis ball. Without developing this skill, the athlete will become frustrated by not making contact with the ball. [..]

  2. Values for life

    Tennis comes with a sportmanship that few other sports can match. At GVTA we emphasis on respect, humility, courtesy while building courage, self-confidence and self-esteem. Tennis teaches self-discipline and self-reliance, stress management, concentration and hard work. [..]

  3. Team reinforcement

    Tennis like swimming are usually only viewed as an individual sport. But tennis can be either an individual or team sport. In team tennis, each member play a match and collects point for its team. We encourage our tennis players to participate in recreational and competitive leagues, individually and also as part of a team.

    Authentic international coach

    Guillermo Varela was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a country perhaps more associated with soccer for its popularity (note that the national sport is "pato" ~duck, a cross between polo and basketball). However, tennis is among the favorites sports in Argentina, earning renown in the 70's with Guillermo Vilas. [..]