1. QuickStart (Ages 4~7)

    This program is all about keeping it fun and exciting, while introducing your child to the first steps in tennis. QuickStart Tennis is a new tennis format designed to introduce new players to the game of tennis. To make it easier for smaller players and to open up opportunities to play almost anywhere, several aspects of the game were modified. QuickStart Tennis can be played on a 60' or 36' long indoor or outdoor tennis court. Smaller racquets and low-energy or foam balls help players work on timing and develop proper techniques.

  2. Junior Development Program (Ages 7~16)

    The Junior Development Program is a comprehensive program for juniors of all ages who want to learn the sport of tennis in an exciting, progressive and structured setting. Children in this program will start to focus on full swing production on all strokes including forehand, backhand, volley, serve, and return of serve. They will learn to rally back and forth, experimenting with different spins and pace. Programs are tailored to each student’s level and goal. Advancing players can progress to the High Performance Program.

  3. High Performance Program

    The High Performance Program is designed for the junior player aspiring to play, high varsity, college, or professional tennis.The program is structured by session consisting of 4 weeks each, and requires a minimum of a two-day per week commitment from each of its participants. A typcial day of this program will consist of one hour of intense situational drilling followed by a second hour of match play.

  4. Adults (Novice ~ 100 years old)

    You are never too old to play tennis and never too old to start. For the new player: Grips, footwork, forehand and backhand groundstroke’s, volleys and serve will be introduced. Participants will also focus on coordinating movement and balance, hitting the ball with purpose and direction, and improve skill level through strengthening of the fundamentals. For the advance player: cardio tennis, high intensity drills, live and dead ball feeds, top-spin/slice and more.

  5. Corporate tennis

    Our tennis programs at your workplace. Businesses that invest in employee health programs save money by increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism and health claims among their workers. As part of a company wellness program, or a reward system our tennis clinics will boost employee engagement, morale, and, as a result, productivity. Requisites: indoor/outdoor basketball court or parking lot. Call us for more information.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to accelerate your tennis game. One-on-one with a teaching professional allows you to receive quality, in-depth and personalized instruction for the areas of your game that need the most attention.

Private groups and family lessons also available.


  • Spring Break Camp
  • Summer Camps (4 weeks/8 weeks)
  • Holidays Camp
  • Home Schooling Morning Camps

Fees and Forms

For rates, current sessions and registration forms, see our latest newsletter.