GV Tennis Academy

There are innumerable benefits of playing tennis, being "the sport for a lifetime" one of the most widespread.

Our Philosophy

GV Tennis does not only aim to sharpen tennis strokes and to create solid players but also emphasis in helping children to develop healthy habits and life skills through its activities. Our family-oriented environment encourages students to reach their goals by embracing daily challenges on the court, in the classroom, and in competition. GV Tennis Academy strives for players to reach their full potential not only by teaching the skills specific to competitive game, but also through reinforcing strong values that apply to all facets of life. It is our hope that members of the Academy will develop self respect, set personal goals, understand the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship.

Our Confi-Contact Methodology

There are many different coaching methods for tennis across the country and each offers its own benefits for developing skills as a tennis player. GV Tennis Academy's director, Mr. Guillermo Varela has witnessed, searched, studied and experimented many different methodologies through his extensive tennis career. He has attended many world-class workshops, seminars and read books about the best ways to teach children and adults. However and besides all of this great information he hass perceived that when kids made contact with the ball no matter if it happens with the strings or the frame of the racquet they were feeling happier and more positive than others no making any contact. When this may sound obvious, many tennis instructors and clubs keep feeding to young kids in a way that the ratio of success is 2 contacts out of 10 feeding balls when it should be no less than 8 contacts out of 10 feeding balls. Instructors need the necessary skills to make it happen and it comes from years of experience. The key is how to feed the ball, from where to feed it, what type of tennis ball to feed. When children make contact with the ball they feel they are in the business and their confidence increases amazingly, hence the “Confi-Contact” name.